The Narrows Saloon - Est. 1999

Choice of:

Hash Browns / American Fries / Cottage Cheese / Tater Tots

Sub: Fresh Fruit or Mixed Green Salad $3.5


  • 2 eggs your way, side of 12 grain or artisan sourdough toast & choice of maple-cured bacon or sausage links or patties

  • 8 oz. New York Strip, 2 eggs & 12 grain or artisan sourdough

  • 2 eggs your way, lightly fried country steak topped w/ caramelized sausage gravy & 12 grain or artisan sourdough

Choice of:

Hash Browns / American Fries / Cottage Cheese / Tater Tots

Sub: Fresh Fruit or Mixed Green Salad $3.5


  • 2 eggs basted, grilled Canadian bacon & hollandaise; includes choice of English muffin or grilled garlic ciabatta bread | Add spinach +1

  • Narrows style! Lobster claw meat topped w/ 2 eggs basted & hollandaise on grilled garlic ciabatta bread

  • Grilled split biscuit & gravy topped w/ buttermilk fried chicken, 2 eggs basted, sausage gravy & side of hollandaise

  • Grilled split biscuit topped w/ hash browns, sausage patties, 2 eggs basted, caramelized sausage gravy & jalapeño bacon w/ side of hollandaise | Add a bloody beer chaser +2

Choice of:

Hash Browns / American Fries / Cottage Cheese / Tater Tots

Sub: Fresh Fruit or Mixed Green Salad $3.5

Breakfast Sammies

  • Grilled black forest ham, pepper jack, scrambled eggs, pretzel bun

  • Scrambled eggs & choice of: bagel (plain or everything), english muffin or biscuit; sausage patty, maple-cured bacon, Black Forest ham or jalapeño bacon; American, Swiss, pepper jack, mozzerella cheddar, or gouda cheese

  • 1/2 lb. burger, 1 egg over easy, lettuce & tomato, mushrooms, pepper jack & Swiss w/ mayo on grilled plain bun

  • Our famous BLT, breakfast style! Topped w/ 2 fried eggs. Add avocado 3

  • 2 fried eggs, jalapeño bacon, spring mix, Swiss & parmesan cheese on grilled garlic ciabatta bread

  • 1/2 lb patty, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, sunny-up egg, jalapeno bacon, sriracha mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, pretzel bun

Narrows Specialties

  • 14.5 | half-order 9.5

    2 crisp corn tortillas, refried beans & 2 over easy eggs covered in ranchero sauce, pepper jack cheese & topped w/ cilantro, green onion & shredded lettuce

  • Griddled & sprinkled w/ powdered sugar; served with your choice of maple-cured bacon, sausage links or patties | Add fresh blueberries 2. Make it stuffed! Add maple cream cheese & whipped cream 2.

  • Blackened steak bites, skillet potatoes, sautéed onions & peppers; topped w/ melted cheddar jack cheese & 2 eggs over easy; served w/ sides of caramelized sausage gravy & your choice of 12 grain or artisan sourdough toast

  • Buttermilk dipped chicken, toasted waffle, sunny up egg, jalapeno bacon, maple syrup, maple cream cheese

  • Choice of sausage, maple bacon or black forest ham, scrambled eggs & cheddar jack cheese in a grilled flour tortilla; served w/ sides of sour cream & our house-made salsa | Add-ons +1.5 each

  • 2 buttermilk biscuits, split & grilled, covered in caramelized sausage gravy, 2 eggs your way

  • Regular or chocolate chip. Toasted and topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Choice of maple bacon, sausage links or patties. Add fresh blueberries 2

  • Scrambled eggs, maple bacon, sausage, sausage gravy, mozzarella, green onion Add fresh blueberries 2

  • Maple bacon, avocado, scrambled eggs, cajun mayo, pepper jack cheese, tots, grilled tortilla. Side of red ranch, fresh greens.


  • Scrambled eggs, maple bacon, alfredo,  12 grain toast, hashbrowns

  • Feta, sautéed spinach, mushrooms, parmesan,  12 grain toast, hasbrowns

  • Sausage, jalapeno bacon, onions, peppers, pepperjack cheese, english muffin, hashbrowns  


  • Sausage, maple-cured bacon, scrambled eggs, pepper jack  cheese, sautéed peppers & onions, avocado, pico wrapped  in a grilled tortilla and topped with enchilada sauce, cheddar  jack cheese & green onion. Add tots 1.5

  • 17.5

    Carnitas, breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs, with pepper jack and green chili sauce, pico de gallo and avocado cream, tortilla chips


  • Peppers, onions, black beans, chopped brisket & maple-cured bacon. Topped with shredded pepper jack, diced tomatoes, cilantro, green onions & sour cream; includes side of salsa; served with your choice of a warm tortilla or 12 grain toast

  • Black forest ham, american and cheddar cheese. Served with American fries and 12 grain toast

  • Sausage, gouda, cheddar, and mushrooms.  Served with hashbrowns and 12 grain toast

  • Hashbrowns, jalapeno bacon,  pepper jack, swiss, green onion, chopped bacon &  pico de gallo, 12 grain toast

Sweets & Starters

  • Buttercream frosting

  • Smashed avocado, 2 eggs sunny up, griddled artisan sourdough, shaved red onion, cilantro, spring mix, balsamic glaze drizzle

  • Cinnamon & Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Chocolate & Caramel

  • Add maple salted walnuts 1

  • Coco Puggs, Cinnamon Chex, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios

  • 15

    Pepper and cheddar jack, sausage gravy, sunny up egg, bacon crumbles, green onion, crispy tots, and fries. Side of hollandaise.  

Beverages: Non-Alcoholic